Although the most obvious symptom of pregnancy seems like menstruation delay, some different signs may give signals even before these symptoms that you are pregnant. But it should be noted that pregnancy symptoms confront us with major changes from woman to woman or even from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Some of women may not face with any symptoms until the late stages of pregnancy or occurred pregnancy symptoms can be miscible with some of the them before menstruation. Therefore you have not met with the symptoms standing on soon doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant. At the same time, you have met one or more pregnant symptoms we talk about is not in the form of conclusive evidence that you are pregnant.

To get an accurate information about being pregnant or not is possible with pregnancy test. But to make a pregnancy test, you should doubt that you are pregnant, symptoms listed below provide to decide if you make pregnancy test or not. So how is pregnancy understood? Here is pregnancy symptoms:

1. Growth Or Sensitivity In The Breast

Growth Or Sensitivity In The Breast - Pregnancy Symptoms
Before menstruation delay which is the most obvious marker of pregnancy, hormonal changes that occur in body may be pregnancy herald. Some of them reveal as sensitivity, growth or slight pain in the breast. Even some women can observe color change on nipple.

2. Tiredness

Tiredness - Pregnancy Symptoms
Workload of pregnant woman body increases compared to the last. Because she is now running for two lives. Therefore, pregnant women may feel ever more tired and sluggish to themselves. In addition, hormone called Progesterone secretes more in body during pregnancy. This hormone with soothing effect increases the tiredness of these women. Fort his reason, tiredness, weakness and increased sleep duration are some of the most common early signs of pregnancy

3. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting - Pregnancy Symptoms
Nausea and vomiting are among the early symptoms of pregnancy. Although this case resulting with changes occurred in hormone levels is much in morning hours, it can manifest itself at any time of the day

4. Increased Appetite or Disgusting from Some Foods

Increased Appetite or  Disgusting from Some Foods - Pregnancy Symptoms
One of early symptoms of pregnancy is also increased appetite. In this process, you can feel yourself constantly hungry or crave to fruits or vegetables out of season together with some foods. But sometimes expectant mothers disgust from foods they like before or avoid eating against long odds.

5. Frequent urination

Frequent urination - Pregnancy Symptoms
It is observed that expectant mothers have frequent urination more than normal even in first week of pregnancy. If you have started to go to the toilet leaving your sleep frequently than before in nights, it may mean that you are pregnant.

6. Dizziness

Dizziness - Pregnancy Symptoms
For the expansion of the blood vessels during pregnancy, this case could cause to drop in blood pressure. So if you remain standing for a long time or stand up suddenly after sitting for a while, you can have dizziness.

7. The change of mood

The change of mood - Pregnancy Symptoms
Hormonal change occurred in pregnant women body can reflect their mood in the form of sudden changes. You can realize to get angry some events more than normal or having higher stress level. Even you can find yourself suddenly crying after an event that you laughed a lot. In short, fluctuations that occur in some sense are symptoms frequently encountered in pregnancy.

8. Light bleeding

Light bleeding - Pregnancy Symptoms
Vaginal bleeding occurred in a very light way is one of early signs of pregnancy for some expectant mothers. This bleeding occurred after 10-14 days average from locating of genoblast to uterine wall and shortly on going is known as implantation, in other words settlement bleeding.

Because implantation bleeding coincides with menstruation period, it is likely to be confused with menstruation. But it shows itself in the form of very light and mottling compared to menstruation.

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Although the most obvious symptom of pregnancy seems like menstruation delay, some different signs may give signals even before these symptoms that you are...
What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy