One of the questions coming to their mind who has kidney stone is “How to Prevent Kidney Stones?” question. Because people with kidney stones are exposed to pain having more inconvenience coefficient and their daily life is affected negatively from it, they enter into a “What are the ways to prevent kidney stone?” quest.

Kidney stone disease is a disease that often encountered and unfortunately spreaded quite fast. But it is possible to prevent the formation or to prevent the probability of occurrence of kidney stone. Now if you want, let’s give the answers to questions like how do kidney stones prevent, what is good for kidney stones. One of the most effective prevention taken against kidney stones is to make changes to the nutrition.

Many conducted research have proven that exaggerated and intense diets are not applicable. Instead of this, people suffering from kidney stones should consume plenty of fluids so kidney stones prevent without more occurance.

If the fluid being lost through excessive sweating it needs to increase more the fluid consumption. Patients with kidney stones also should consume all food groups, but not excessive. The consumption of fibrous foods having a lot of useful effects such as fruits and vegetables also supply great importance.

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Patients with much oxalate rate need less or no consumption to food having much oxalate rate such as walnuts, cocoa, spinach, watercress, wheat bran, arugula and tea leaves. When consuming foods containing animal protein, patients with kidney stones should pay attention.

The daily consumption more than 150 grams is not recommended. Excessive protein food consumption will trigger protein accumulation and hence the formation of kidney stones. Kidney, liver, anchovy, sardine, skin of poultry and similar foods also increase the risk of kidney stones. Because coke, soda and similar fizzy drinks increase the probability of kidney stone formation, it is risky. At the same time it should limit tea and coffee consumption.

With all these measures taken, the aim is to keep the density of the urine at a certain level. Intense urine causes crystal formation, crystal formation also causes the emergence of kidney stone. Therefore it should avoid substances causing the darkening of the urine, the emphasis should be more than enough fluid consumption.

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To reduce kidney stones becomes relatively easy with all these measures taken. You can apply the following cure which is good for kidney stones. 1 dessert spoon dried avocado leaves is added to a water glass chlorine-free and boiling water, boiled for 8 minutes in a sealed form on low heat, then immediately filtered.

When it becomes warm, drink it 2 hours after dinner. Do not consume anything after it. You can apply this cure, you need to prepare fresh everyday, as using 5 day, breaking 3 day, after this period you can use again in the same way. Do not add anything else into the cure. Also it is not recommended to apply this cure more than 20 days. If you want to apply again, you must give at least 20 days break.

By the way if your doctor give drugs, you certainly use them. It is recommended to accept written here as a supportive application. In addition to this, you certainly learn from your doctor if you have an allergy to this cure before applying it.

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One of the questions coming to their mind who has kidney stone is “How to Prevent Kidney Stones?” question. Because people with kidney stones...
How to Prevent Kidney Stones?